Blazing Star
Platform Neo Geo MVS
Genre Action; Multiplayer; Shooter - Horizontal; Side-Scroller
Publisher SNK
Developer Yumekobo
Release Date 2/19/1998
Series Pulstar
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Index 277
Collection Status In Collection
Original Yes
Completed No
Product Details
Format Cartridge
Region USA
Language English
No. of Disks 1
A follow-up to Pulstar, Blazing Star retains the horizontal scrolling shooter format but changes up the gameplay significantly. First, you will notice that there is a ship selection screen featuring half a dozen ships that all feel very different. While Kaoru Yamazaki (in her Dino246 ship) returns from the first game, hers is the only ship with a "Force"-like object present. The tone and feel are very different, incorporating a Toaplan/Cave-style scoring system. Each ship has its own shot patterns, strengths and weaknesses, and thus requires intense study to figure out how to maximize their efficiency with the scoring system.

A new shooting system is in place, with rapid taps (usually) resulting in a spread shot. The charged shot is also still present, with the added "break" shot (pressing B immediately after launching a charged shot). Again, each character plays very differently so these mechanics must be learned, practiced, and mastered. Futher change-ups include a power-up system (each ship having different number of levels of power-up, natch) which contributes to an under-the-hood Rank system, as well as angel-winged "event items" that the player must actively AVOID in order to stack up score multipliers.

Graphically, the game looks great and there's a lot happening onscreen. It's unafraid to have some slowdown and some sprite flicker, because there is a LOT going on!