Aero Fighters 2
Platform Neo Geo MVS
Genre Action; Multiplayer; Overhead; Shooter - Vertical
Publisher Video System
Developer Video System
Release Date 8/26/1994
Series Aero Fighters/Sonic Wings
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Index 278
Collection Status In Collection
Original Yes
Completed No
Product Details
Format Cartridge
Region USA
Language English
No. of Disks 1
Unusual for the Neo-Geo, this is a vertically-scrolling shooter and is the second in the Aero Fighters series (known as "Sonic Wings" in Japan). It diverges from the previous title--besides the vertical scrolling with a horizontal monitor--by embracing a weird sense of humor: characters range from the world's first dolphin pilot to an androgynous punk rocker who fights for justice, while environments feature a titanic clown that stumbles to its death and a roller coaster that can be destroyed while people ride on it.

The game is set in modern times with present-day aircraft, from the YF-23 to Dassault Rafale as flyable ships. As expected, each plane has unique shot patterns, upgrade paths, movement speed, and special bombs. Stages look good but not great, and the order of stages isn't always the same. Boss fights can get hectic but bullet patterns don't approach anything insane like Cave shooters.