Fusion MVS to AES Convertor
Platform Neo Geo AES
Release Date 2014
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IndieGoGo crowdfunded homebrew convertor for playing MVS (arcade) carts on AES (home) hardware. As AES carts are significantly more expensive than MVS, this is very attractive. Numerous people have tried making these but so far few have had a high compatability. The convertor itself is a bare-bones affair, with twin sockets for the MVS cart to sit in, and then exposed circuitry that plugs into the AES.

On the downside, getting the MVS carts into and out of the sockets is very difficult--it's a very tight fit, and there's not a lot of room for leverage. There are exposed components, making it an even more delicate affair. I wish that it had come with a cover to protect the chips as well as some arms that stuck out in order to get the carts in and out more easily.