Platform PC Engine
Genre Action; Multiplayer; Shooter - Horizontal
Publisher Konami
Developer Konami
Release Date 2/21/1992
Series Gradius
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Index 18
Collection Status In Collection
Original Yes
Completed No
Product Details
Format HuCard
Language Japanese
No. of Disks 1
Parody of the Gradius series using cute and goofy characters. Select from the Vic Viper (of Gradius fame), the ship from Twinbee, a distressed penguin, or a distressed octopus. Each vehicle has its own upgrade tree (a la Gradius). Also features the bell system from Twinbee, where the player must "juggle" a bell with shots, shooting it to turn it different colors. These then give powers to the player, such as making them scale to a giant size, or putting a megaphone in front of them that blares out kanji saying things like "SHAVING IS DUMB!"

Oh yeah, and there's the catboat.

Really fun (and funny) game.
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