Ninja Spirit
Platform TurboGrafx 16
Genre Action; Platform; Side-Scroller
Publisher NEC Technologies
Developer IREM Corp
Release Date 1990
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Index 22
Collection Status In Collection
Original Yes
Completed No
Product Details
Format HuCard
Language English
No. of Disks 1
Conversion of IREM arcade title. Punishingly difficult (although the home version allows you to select from 5 hit points or the arcade original's 1 hit to die).

Take on the role of Moonlight, a samurai who must traverse a number of strange and mysterious levels. You have four weapons available to you, and can cycle through them at will. The sword is good for close combat, as well as providing an arc of defense around you. Bombs are slow, fire in 8 directions, but do heavy damage. The kusarigama launches out from you, covering about half of the screen and you can spin it before it retracts. The shuriken are rapid-fire, low damage weapons. Each weapon can be powered up.

As also seen in Strider and Ninja Gaiden, you can acquire "shadows" who echo your movements and add additional firepower.

Bosses are full-screen affairs that tend towards the strange, often drawing from Buddhist mythology.

The music is strange and haunting, seemingly random patches pieced together and at weird pitches, all with a creepy rhythm as undercurrent, making the trademark "IREM sound." It may be offputting to some.

At the end of the game, you turn into a white wolf, which is nice.