Platform PC Engine
Genre Action; Platform; Side-Scroller
Publisher NEC Avenue
Developer NEC Avenue, Capcom
Release Date 9/22/1994
Series Strider
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Index 177
Collection Status In Collection
Original Yes
Completed No
Product Details
Format Arcade Card CD-ROM
Language Japanese
No. of Disks 1
AKA "Strider Hiryu"

PC Engine adaptation of one of the greatest games there ever was, and a very good adaptation at that. Includes CD audio, awesome-if-baffling cinematics, and an entirely new stage not seen in any version.

You take on the role of Strider Hiryu, some sort of special agent or total badass out to take down the Master, using your plasma blade "Cipher." It is rare to find a game that uses a largely digital jump (think Castlevania) while offering instantaneous and constant attacks. Excellent diverse environments, from a roboticized Kazakhstan with spotlights illuminating golden mosques, to the flying battleship Balrog, a zero-G fight against some atomic sphere, a fight against plasma-kicking incarnations of the East wind ("Tong Poo"), and even dinosaurs for good measure.

Requires the Arcade card.

Spine Card,
Warranty Card