Ninja Warriors, The
Platform PC Engine
Genre Action; Side-Scroller
Publisher Taito
Developer Taito
Release Date 6/30/1989
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Index 209
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Original Yes
Completed No
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Format HuCard
Language English
No. of Disks 1
Port of 1988 Taito arcade game.

So-so side-scrolling ninja game, lacking the appeal of the original arcade game: a three-screen panorama view (also used in Darius) and two-player simultaneous play as male (ninja) and female (kunoichi). Also possibly an opponent yelling "no damn way" upon death (this may be due to a hazy memory). Both have the p. sweet feature of revealing your character to actually be a ROBOT.

Features selectable character (minor sprite swap), but several gameplay options including selecting a palette and setting difficulty and play time.

Purchased with the cart and instructions, but the incorrect case (Intec's Kore Ga Pro Yakuu '90)!