Fiend Hunter
Platform PC Engine
Genre Action; Adventure; Platform; Role-playing; Side-Scroller
Publisher Right Stuff Corp.
Developer Right Stuff Corp.
Release Date 4/16/1993
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Index 213
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Original Yes
Completed No
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Format Super CD-ROM
Language Japanese
No. of Disks 1
Prince of Persia-esque side-scrolling adventure game with light RPG elements. Take the role of Feed Sluster (yep!) as he...does something in a Western setting, presumably hunting fiends. You are joined by a minor flame demon named Exy, who can help you solve puzzles. Combat switches to an expanded version of the PoP combat, while exploring has you jump, duck, double-tap-run, and crawl on your stomach. You can buy items from a store, and upgrade a number of attributes on yourself and Exy.

The intro is Okami-caliber excruciatingly long, with unskippable cutscenes and loads and loads of Japanese dialogue. Go make a sandwich during this; mine was ham.
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